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How to know if a guy is in love with you

When a man loves you, he will show it in many ways because it’s hard for men to fake real feelings. You will for sure know if he is really in love with you, if you watch him closely.

Here are Some Signs.

1. He always look forward to seeing you everyday

2. He apologizes whenever he is wrong

3. He doesn’t mention other women around you

4. He replies your messages in few seconds.

5. He shares things he hasn’t told anyone with you

6. He ignores his calls when u guys are on a date.

7. He has endless topics to talk about whenever he is with you.

8. He is always by your side in times of distress or hard times.

9. He always want you to meet with his friends and family

10. He unconsciously looks at you sometimes and smiles for no reason.

11. He feels sad when he doesn’t see you for a long time

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12. He will stare at you when you ain’t looking.

13. How does he treat other girls? if he treats you differently or better, then he likes you a lot.

14. He may simply be jealous when you speak to other guys

15. He slows his walking pace to match yours.

16. He remembers every tiny details of your previous conversations.

17. He always tries to look good when he’s with you.

18. He is interested in things you love. Like, he prefers to see movies with you instead of watching his favourite football.

19. He finds it hard to say no to you

20. He talks to you in a low/calm voice

21. He tries to impress you as much as he can.

22. He cancels his plans just to be with you.

It’s impossible to have a relationship without making a fair number of mistakes. If it seems your relationship aren’t working as well as you’d like them to, it’s possible that with some minor adjustments you can get things back on track. It’s common to experience ups and downs with your partner and as long as you love and support each other through it all, you’ll will be able to work on your differences , learning how to compromise and developing a healthy boundaries.

How to know if a guy is in love with you
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