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10 Fun Things to Do With Your Partner on Christmas Eve

Christmas is coming soon, yaaay! There are so many things to do around the holiday season. One thing that I occasionally do during the holiday is to go to my family house to help make some cookies, make cards, wrap presents, watch classic Christmas movies with the family and listen to some Christmas jams. It really puts me in the mood. I’m currently counting down the days, Every decorated house, adverts on the television …They all make me excited!


Christmas is a very important festival like New Year in China. On that day, people gather together with their family, bringing lots of gifts to friends or family members or exchanging gifts among coworkers or neighbors.

In Hong Kong for example, people gather together to spend their day with friends or love ones in the cold night with a beautiful and Lively songs, fancy dinner, and love-gifts for their precious friends. The theme of Christmas is about being with the people you care about, it is truly a time of magic and wonder for both children and adults.

Christmas eve

Christmas Eve night is so exciting! The night before Christmas consists of so many magical feelings of what the next day would bring and hours of kids struggling to fall asleep.

Here are the bucket list of fun things couples can do on Christmas Eve.

You and your partner can rent a lodge or a cabin in a beautiful area and invite few close family members to come and share a couple of days with you between Christmas and New Year.

Christmas house

The lodge should be well stocked with food and drinks, a cozy fireplace in the living room and a big christmas tree with lots of gifts.

. If you have kids, you can sit and watch the Christmas lights on the tree together.

Christmas tree

Stuff stockings with favorite snacks and gift cards. Wrap and hide gifts and await Christmas day.

. Couples can wrap gifts and hide them under the Christmas tree. Attend midnight mass or service with the kids (if available) and family members.

After service, drive home and have a late night snack with everyone before bed. Get up around mid morning and have brunch. It’s Christmas day! Let everyone open up their presents. Have a sumptuous lunch and just enjoy the day.

. Another fun thing you and partner can do on Christmas Eve is to dress up like santa, go into the streets and share out Christmas cards and gifts to the homeless and less fortunate people. Visit the orphan kids too, spend time and share gifts to them no matter how little. It’s so exciting to watch the smiles on their cute faces.



Watch a classic movie while you snuggle on a comfy sofa, enjoying the view of dim lights and decorations with the toasty warm inside and Freezing cold outside with drifts of snow.

. Spend quality times with the kids, watch Christmas movies and eat pie, read Christmas stories together and teach them about Jesus.

Christmas stories

Teach them that Christmas is all about Jesus. They need to understand that Christ is a gift to humanity and humanity without him, is broken and sad. Take them on Christmas shopping and let them watch santa.

. Gather at either of your parents home with family members, eat a traditional Christmas meal, sing Christmas songs (like old Christmas classics), exchange gifts, you know, that whole vibes.

Eat lots of chocolate, gingerbread biscuits for kids, saffron buns, and play board games.

. Bake cakes, apple pies or cookies together in the morning.

Christmas Couple

Then go have Christmas lunch or dinner with family or friends in town, share some gifts and go home late in the night.

. Drive the kids around to look at Christmas lights, Santa and other beautiful views

Christmas trip


. On Christmas day, you and your partner can wake up early and go skiing!

It’s even so much fun to think about that feeling right now. You both can show up in elf costumes or Christmas hats and give out candy to everyone!

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These are all the things that make Christmas so magical and fun. It is difficult to explain what Christmas is all about without using the word “togetherness”. Remember, that it is not just about being together, it is about showing love and generosity to each other. It is an excellent time to show love to your partner and loved ones.

My perfect Christmas is a Christmas with good people, sharing food and gifts and showing gratefulness towards oneanother

Happy Holidays!


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10 Fun Things to Do With Your Partner on Christmas Eve
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