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Guidelines for increasing Intimacy in Marriage

Our culture is saturated with unrealistic depictions of relationship, love and family. From overblown movie romance scenes, to highly exaggerated expectations about sex, romance and beauty. The media is bombarding us with ideas that are the exact opposite of what works in marriage. When people’s expectations for what marriage or relationship entails are overblown, they […]

7 Simple Tips to Help You Get a Good Partner

In this article, I am going to share with you a few tips that may help you choose the best partner for yourself.   Follow these simple tips if you are looking for your desired partner. 1. It’s better you go with a kind and loving person who has a loving family too. It’s good […]

A Must (Do’s And Don’ts) Immediately After Sex

Key Things To Do To Keep Your Sexual Health in Check. Drink a Glass of Water.  Drink a glass of water once you get out of bed. This will enable you pee more, and flush more bacteria out of your body before any infections can flare up. Again, sex is an exercise, you need to […]

Some Mind Blowing and Lesser Known Facts About Sex

Around 40 million people have sex each day, about 4000 people are doing it right now.   Here are some interesting facts about sex. Sex slashes stress and can increase sleep cycle Intercourse may cut your stress level and increase sleep cycle. A study published in the journal Biological Perspective asked participants to take part […]

How to Be a Better Husband – Couple Goals

Marriage is not an easy job, It’s just not easy to manage a home. There are always thorns that comes with marriage, but the ability to overcome it, makes your marital union a blissful one. You lie in your beds and roses will fall on you. If you want to be a better husband to […]

10 Fun Things to Do With Your Partner on Christmas Eve

Christmas is coming soon, yaaay! There are so many things to do around the holiday season. One thing that I occasionally do during the holiday is to go to my family house to help make some cookies, make cards, wrap presents, watch classic Christmas movies with the family and listen to some Christmas jams. It […]

My Boyfriend Still Hangs Out With his Ex – What Can I Do?

Trust is a vital part of any relationship and can be easily remedied with open communication. When an ex is lurking in the background, it is a red flag. I know right! If your boyfriend is mature enough to keep his ex as a friend, then it’s fine. If he’s communicating with her in secret, […]

Can a Broken Relationship be Rebuilt?

Can a broken relationship be rebuilt? It’ll be hard to rebuild a failed relationship, but not impossible. It may take many days or even months to  accomplish. It’s upsetting when your once budding relationship takes a wrong turn. Coping with relationship loss can be particularly difficult if the couple has relied on each other as […]

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